This is the private homepage of Dominik Wagenknecht. After years of careful site design I decided to stop. After all I was just interested in technology and never thought about becoming a professional web designer. It was about time to take this step simply to keep things lean and clean. Maybe my blog will be revived someday — currently I keep things a bit more private.

Willkommen auf der privaten Homepage von Dominik Wagenknecht. Nach Jahren des sorgfältigen Web-Designs habe ich beschlossen einen Schlussstrich zu ziehen. Es war nie meine Intention professioneller Web-Designer zu werden.

In 2007 I finished my studies in technical mathematics at Technical University of Vienna, Austria. Proud to be a Master of Science (or Diplom-Ingenieur as my austrian title is called).
October, 1st 2007 I started my worklife at Accenture.

Via email you can reach me at Social 2.0 wise you find me on XING and (obviously) Facebook...